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Newsletter Vol.19

Dear Parents,

Myself and EPCA have had a very busy month working on your behalf. We are always so happy to be able to work with parents - and on behalf of parents - to advance the priorities of the anglophone parent community in Quebec. Remember to contact us with your ideas on how EPCA can help you and for suggestions for future newsletter topics. Here are some updates on initiatives we discussed in the previous newsletter.

Road safety around schools is critical to all of us. We worked with a group of dedicated parents to organize demonstrations in schools on March 15th. On Friday, 21 April, we also took part in a nonpartisan press conference. Parents presented a binder containing resolutions passed by more than 50 municipalities in Quebec urging the government to increase funding for road safety and make roads more accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. We will continue to work hard to send a clear message to the government that road safety is a critical priority for today's parents and hope to gain support from as many municipalities as possible to make real changes in our communities.

On the capacity-building front, we have held workshops for parents on a variety of topics, including Evolving from Colour Blindness, Homework 101, and the transition from Elementary to Secondary school. We also partnered with Canadian Parents for French for a Family Movie Night. We had a fantastic turnout and will continue to offer workshops until the end of the school year, including on topics such as A Parent's Role in their Child's Friendships, Social Media and Internet Safety (check out our Facebook Page) and others listed later in this edition of our newsletter.

As we are nearing the end of the school year, we've focused this issue on keeping our kids engaged and on helping parents understand the ministry exams... what they are, when they occur, and how you can help prepare your child to face this challenge head on. We wish you and your students the best of luck in the coming months!

Newsletter Vol. 14

Dear parents,
The new academic year has well and truly begun, and Governing Boards ought to have already been formed at every school. Congratulations to all the parent members who were recently elected or re-elected. 

As the entity responsible for making decisions at a school, the Governing Board (GB) is an important component of Parent Governance and the educational ecosystem. Are you aware of the many opportunities and obligations that come with having a GB? The more we understand our responsibilities and authority, the more effective and engaged we can be as volunteers. And as parents, the more you can understand how to hold your school and the GB accountable for the educational decisions that affect your child. You can consult our guide manual here.   

Another important event happening currently is that IEP’s are being written for your children. EPCA has written a couple of blog posts to help guide you as you make the most of your child’s IEP meeting, including how to prepare to have conversations about your child’s IEP. 

Finally, the first progress reports have just come out for this academic year. This is an important milestone in your child(ren)’s academic journey this year and an important time to reflect with them – and their teachers if necessary – on how things are going. Don’t feel overwhelmed… there are many supports available if required! 

Information on all of the above can be found in this edition of the newsletter as well as on our website at and our partner site at 

Have a wonderful start to Fall!