About EPCA

EPCA works in collaboration with many organizations and associations across the province to further our goals and strengthen our voice. We help support parent committees with their mandates, and to continuously keep in touch with our education network partners.

​EPCA has submitted briefs and made presentations to the National Assembly Culture and Education Committee for:  Bill 105, Bill 86, and Bill 14, among others.​

EPCA’s Goals

  • Represent Parents' Committees of English language public school boards in Quebec.
  • Reach out and communicate with Parents’ Committees.
  • Work on common objectives and shared goals.
  • Promote rights and defend interests of Parents’ Committees.
  • Share and promote best practices with Parents’ Committees and other organizations.
  • Help train and support Parents' Committees.
  • Act as advocates for all of Quebec’s English Public Schools.
  • Support bilingual education for all.

The EPCA team is made up of 16 members.

Two EPCA Directors are chosen by each member Parent Committee.  These positions are nominated and elected at the first Parents’ Committee meeting or parents AGA in their respective school boards (usually held in October).  EPCA Directors are the official representatives for their school board’s Parents’ Committee. They participate at Board of Directors meetings and contribute their experience and expertise through EPCA sub-committees. The term of office of EPCA Director is a two-year term.

EPCA represents Quebec English parents' interests to the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur; as well, EPCA, via its member Parent Committees, assists and supports parents by providing education and, when necessary, advocacy, on more regional matters.

EPCA is part of the English education committees and community groups.