Newsletter Vol. 29

Dear Parents,

As we enter the third and final stage of the school year, I hope you are well and looking forward to the accomplishments that lie ahead. It's a pleasure to communicate with you as we navigate this critical period together.

You should have received your child's report card before the Easter holiday. As we approach the home stretch, it is critical to stay informed and engaged, especially as Ministry exams approach. These assessments are crucial in determining our students' progress and ensuring they are adequately prepared for the next academic phase.

In addition to academic updates, the Ministry of Education recently released the
Education Dashboard. It is a powerful tool that provides our network with insightful data. Access to comprehensive data allows us to better understand our strengths, identify areas for improvement, and tailor our strategies to meet our students' diverse needs.

The detailed study of Bill 47 to strengthen student protection was completed during the same period. I am pleased to report that some of our recommendations have been incorporated into the measures outlined in the Bill. This reinforces our commitment to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for all our students.

Furthermore, I am pleased that the government of Quebec provided clarification on the provision of information to English-speaking parents whose children attend English schools. This development demonstrates our ongoing efforts to ensure that all parents, regardless of linguistic background, have access to critical resources and support.

As we approach the end of the academic year, let us continue to work together to support our children's growth and development at all times. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and partnership in creating a better future for our students.

Warm regards,

Katherine Korakakis