New Frontiers

Contact information

214, rue McLeod
Châteauguay, Québec
J6J 2H4

Tél: 450-691-1440
Fax: 450-691-0643


Director General
Rob Buttars

Assistant Director General
Mike Helm

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility conditions for New Frontiers

Map of territories for New Frontiers 

Elected commissioners

David C. D’Aoust

Ward 1
Neil Burdon

Ward 2
Karin Van Droffelaar

Ward 3
Lina K. Chouinard

Ward 4
Kenneth Crockett

Ward 5
Howard P. Gibbs

Ward 6
Abdul Pirani

Ward 7
Dianne McKell Eastwood

Ward 8
Peter Stuckey

Ward 9
Barbara Ednie

John Ryan

Parent commissioners

Primary level
Anne-Marie Yelle

Secondary level
Debi Germann

Special needs
Shannon Keyes

In general
Debra Right

Map of territories of New Frontiers