Newsletter Vol. 28

Dear parents,

As the academic year progresses, it is critical that we address relevant issues affecting our students' well-being and academic success. Among other relevant topics, this edition of the newsletter will focus on discussing and addressing the rising use of vaping, wax pens, and other substances by students.

This newsletter will be a comprehensive resource for parents, providing important information and insights into the prevalence of these substances in our school community. We understand how important it is to provide parents with the tools and knowledge they need to effectively address this concerning issue.

In the newsletter, you can find:

  1. Educational resources: We will provide detailed information about vaping and other drugs, including the risks, health effects, and potential consequences for students.
  2. Signs and symptoms: Recognizing the signs of substance abuse is critical for timely intervention. We will discuss common indicators that may indicate a student is vaping or using other drugs.
  3. Prevention strategies: Our newsletter will provide parents with practical tips and strategies for preventing substance use in their children. We will look at a variety of approaches to supporting a drug-free environment, including open communication and setting boundaries.
  4. Support resources: We recognize that addressing substance use can be difficult for families. As a result, we will provide information about support services and resources available in our school community and elsewhere.

We hope that by focusing this issue of the newsletter on such an important topic, we can foster greater understanding and awareness among parents.

EPCA will also use this newsletter to inform parents about how to support reluctant readers and also will provide information on Projects pédagogiques particuliers – Special Educational Projects in order to ensure parents understand these important opportunities for students. Together, we can work to create a safe and supportive environment in which our students can thrive both academically and personally.

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership.