Press Release: EPCA has been excluded from hearings on Bill 23

May 30th, 2023

Montreal, May 30th, 2023 – The English Parents’ Committee Association (EPCA) deplores the fact that it has been excluded by the government of Quebec for the parliamentary committee hearings on Bill 23: An Act to amend mainly the Education Act and to enact the Act respecting the Institut national d’excellence en education.

The hearings, which are set to begin in early June, will include only a select group of associations and individuals. All of the associations representing the French parent committees have been invited to participate, but EPCA has been excluded, despite having directly requested to participate.
EPCA represents the majority of the English parent committees in Québec, all of whom will be directly impacted by elements of the sweeping amendments to the education act proposed by the CAQ government. It is important to remember that English School Boards are one of the very few public institutions exclusively managed and controlled by the English-speaking community, so this exclusion is deeply troubling.

“It is very disappointing to not have our voices heard on such an important topic such as this. It is hard to understand why we would be excluded when all the other French parent groups are given to the opportunity to speak,” said EPCA President, Katherine Korakakis.

About the English Parents’ Committee Association (EPCA)
EPCA is a coalition of parent committees from English-language school boards across Quebec and is the official voice of parents of students in Quebec English-language school boards, representing nearly 100,000 students in the youth sector.

For more information contact:
Katherine Korakakis - President