Newsletter Vol. 20

Dear Parents,

Here we are at the home stretch. Summer is right around the corner! It is a time for reflection over a great year for our students and a moment to take a breath as we enjoy the warm weather and the break that is about to come for our children. 

That being said, we at EPCA have not slowed down. We launched a province-wide consultation on Bill 23: An Act to amend mainly the Education Act and to enact the Act respecting the Institut national d'excellence en education. We will compile all the reports we received from our stakeholders and build a comprehensive brief based on what we learn. We will submit this brief to the Minister of education in an effort to ensure that the voice of English parents is heard. 

 In tragic news, a child was struck crossing the street at her school and she remains in critical condition. As we have been doing for the past several months, EPCA will continue to advocate strongly for safe streets around schools. The government must listen! 

This month's newsletter highlights the future of education with the influence of Artificial Intelligence as described in a guest article by our colleague from LEARN. We are also pleased to provide additional resources for parents to help close out the school year and transition into summer school, if necessary. 

In closing, the new student ombudsman law comes into effect on August 28th. EPCA will hold a workshop for parents to explain the new complaints procedure. And finally, our newsletter in August, which will have all the information you will need regarding school governance... look out for that special issue. 

Thank you to all our parents and supporters. Have a great remainder of the school year.