Annual General Assemblies

Dear Parents,

It is that time of year again, as you send off your child to return to classes, whether online or in person. To say that this year is unlike  any we have encountered  is an understatement.

More than ever, The English Parents’ Committee Association (EPCA) is here to speak on your behalf and represent  you to government  and our educational partners.

But that’s only part of the job. The rest is up to you.

You will soon be receiving, if you have not already, an email from your principal  notifying you about the

Annual General Assembly  (AGA) at your school. We urge you to attend.

Whether this all-important  meeting  is managed by the Chairperson  of your Governing  Board or rolled into the welcome assembly by your school principal,  this is the moment for parent participation that can really make the difference in your child's education.

At these Annual General Assemblies,  members  of your Governing  Board will be elected, as will delegates to your respective Parent Committees. This is the gateway to profound involvement  in educational governance and gives you a front-row seat and a voice in decision-making  at your child’s school.

Volunteers  are the lifeblood of our community  and what drives and supports  so much student  success. Your time and input  are valuable and valued, and as the official voice of parents of students in Quebec's English public system, EPCA implores you to get involved.

We cannot say this any more emphatically:  Parents have power in their respective schools, they need only exercise it. If we are to represent  you to the government  and our education partners,  we need you to do so on behalf of your community.

By standing  for governing board you can be part of the important deliberations  in your school regarding budgets,  programs, initiatives and more. It is an opportunity  to really engage with teachers, administrators  and other parents, and share your unique  insights and perspectives  in an official forum.

Considering  public health directives,  the process will be different and perhaps  slightly more complex this year. You should note that schools may be holding in-person, hybrid or virtual assemblies online (via Zoom or other platforms.) You should be notified of all the details and procedures by your principal

when this is determined.

However, all schools doing so virtually should have a plan in place to accommodate the large numbers of participants,  voting, validation of eligibility  to vote, and of course dedicated  support  for those who may have difficulty logging on or participating.

If you feel you are missing information, please ensure that you consult your school, school board, and

Parent Committee website regularly.

Indeed, you are probably receiving a lot of information right now, as there is much to consider along

with your own understandable preoccupations  about your child's return to school in the current climate. So please continue to watch those emails and make sure you pencil in your rapidly-filling calendar for

the Annual General Assembly.

For those Governing  Board members  who are returning  this year, we thank you for your continued dedication and involvement  as the bedrock of parent governance. We know that you will help transition new members  and new energies onto Governing  Boards in solidarity with and on behalf of all parents, for the sake of our children,  as we face a new year with new challenges.

As always, the English Parents’ Committee Association is here to stand behind you and faithfully represent  your voice at every table.

We wish you a safe, healthy, enriching  and rewarding  school year to you and your family, and we look forward to hearing from you all.

I remain,

Katherine  Korakakis
- President