Dear Sir/Madame,
    I am a parent of a child attending one of Quebec’s English public schools, _____________________________________.

    I wish to express some deep concerns I have with regard to the well-being of our schools and quality of education presently being offered to our students. The last five years of budget cuts have had a negative impact on the excellence of the much needed delivery of academics and support to our children, the future of Quebec.

    There is no doubt that further austerity measures being suggested will have a serious negative impact on Quebec’s quality of education. I believe cuts to our special needs students, through removing categories of support and actual cuts to funding will cause a serious downgrading affect on all our students. If teachers must make up for less support for their special needs students then there is obviously less time to teach the other students in the classroom. It’s simply a matter of time available.

    I believe our teachers are the jewels of the English public school system and are deserving of far more respect and support than they now receive. Larger classes with less support makes no sense.

    On June 23, 2015 the E.P.C.A. (English Parents Committee Association), met with the Education Minister, Mr. Francois Blais and presented a number of concerns and suggestions. Many of these suggestions have since been adopted by other stake holders of English education. These suggestions include the preservation of school boards with modifications that both speak to modernising the governance and protecting our right to elect commissioners using much more cost effective methods. A greater number of Parent Commissioners with full influence and voting rights was part of the recommendations. This organisation, through its member Parent Committees and Central Parent Committees represent 80% of English public school families. I request you support the recommendations and the wisdom that support them.

    As my representative in the Legislative Assembly I ask and frankly expect that my concerns are brought forward to all corners of the Quebec Government that have a role to play in educational planning and financing of our school boards and schools. It is time to see education as an investment, not a burden to be lightened.


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