Newsletter Vol. 25

Dear parents,

Parent-teacher meetings can be overwhelming, but there are ways to prepare and tackle these meetings with confidence. This newsletter is dedicated to helping you achieve that.

Here are four things to remember:
Preparation is key. Look through your child’s schoolwork and have questions ready.
Speak up. If you notice your child is struggling with something, don’t hesitate to bring it up. Your insights are important.
Discuss potential learning differences. If you suspect any, talk with your child’s teacher about an evaluation. Early intervention can make a big difference.
Treat the parent-teacher meeting as a partnership. You and the teacher are teaming up to work on your child’s academic success.

EPCA eagerly awaits the presentation of the Minister of Education's plan to combat school violence. Combating violence in schools is a top priority; however, the plan as presented at the end of October lacks details and action measures. We anticipate receiving additional information about the plan, including templates for anti-bullying and anti-violence policies, as well as additional measures to prevent and combat sexual violence - in both languages - as soon as possible.

Finally, we hope that an agreement between school staff and the government will be reached soon. Everyone is concerned about the disruption of educational services caused by the strikes, and we also remain concerned about the lack of staff in schools since the beginning of the year.

As usual, EPCA will pause its newsletter publication in favour of a holiday message in the month of December so I will wish you a warm couple of months until the newsletter returns in January.

Take care!