Newsletter Vol. 24

Dear Parents,

I trust that your children's transition back to school was smooth and that all the essential educational resources are readily available to ensure their academic success. If you encounter any service disruptions in your school, such as issues with resources, transportation, or daycare services, or if you have observed any shortcomings related to your school’s Annual General Assembly (AGA), please inform us. The purpose of EPCA is to support student success by serving as a provincial voice for parents' concerns and assisting you in establishing yourself in the educational setting. We have many resources readily available and have many educational stakeholders and partners who are also just a call away who can help as well.

In October, Parents' Committees will hold their first meeting for the school year, where they will conduct elections for their Chairs and representatives on different committees. EPCA also has many resources for parent governance, which offer valuable guidance and tools for members of PCs and other school-based parent participation bodies. EPCA is also available to support you and answer any questions you may have.

This issue of our Newsletter will provide valuable insights on IEPs and offer resources to assist parents in effectively navigating through this crucial process. We will follow this up with information on progress reports and parent teacher meetings in our next edition, to assist you in getting ready to meet with your children’s teachers.

EPCA is also aware that our children are deeply impacted by events happening across the world at this moment. We have included in this issue some tips on how parents can navigate difficult conversations at this challenging time.

As parents and guardians, it is important we show our children that we value education through our active involvement in the schools as it is equally important that we show empathy for others and provide a source of strength for them as we move forward with the school year.

Take care everyone.