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Exam Alerts: A Parent’s Guide

    1. EPCA Bill 86 Brief – March 28, 2016
    2. EPCA Bill 86 Brief – Appendix
    3. ESB Election Systems Study Panel Report 2015

    As the season for High School entrance exams into specialty programs will soon be upon us, here are some helpful tips to help you and your children prepare for these exams:

    1- When to begin studying? Depending on your child’s readiness, you may want to think a month or two in advance. Studying for these exams can be as simple as reviewing the last few months of your child’s homework and assignments, and as advanced as quizzing your children on higher level word definitions and math problems. Ultimately, use your judgment as your child is probably more prepared than you think.

    2- Study space is key. Ensure that your children have a comfortable, well lit environment where distractions are limited (i.e.: no television or music playing in the background) as well as ample room to spread out supplies.

    3- Brain food! A well-balanced meal is always important, however it is especially crucial when a student is about to embark on studying for, or writing an exam. Avoid sugary junk food as this may give your child a temporary energy high, followed by a longer lasting energy lull. Nutritious snacks such as yogurt, fruit, nuts and berries, in addition to staying hydrated with water, are the keys to long-lasting energy.

    4- Take regular breaks. If your child is very keen on acing their exams, ensure that they also take the time for rest and relaxation. A successful exam experience is contingent on a balance of preparedness and peace of mind.

    Good luck to all!

    Dayo Odubayo

    EPCA Director