EPCA Meeting Recap – November 2016

November 12th, 2016 – Special Elections & Annual General Assembly

•At the Special Elections Meeting, Rhonda Boucher was acclaimed as President of EPCA (Director WQSB).
•Debie Germann is elected Vice-President of EPCA (Director NFSB).
•Suzanne De Jonge is elected Treasurer of EPCA (Director EMSB).
•The Lead of each committee are as follows: David Fournier as Lead for Rules and Regulations Committee, Bobbi Brown is Lead of Internal Audit Committee and Dayo Odubayo is Lead of Communications Committee

•At the Annual General Assembly Meeting, two major discussions took place – “EPCA before Bill 86 and EPCA moving forward with Bill 105” and “EPCA’s 2016-2017 Action Plan.”
•A general synopsis of Bill 86 and the progression Bill 105 were given.
•All new EPCA members are to receive all pertinent documents regarding EPCA’s work concerning Bill 86 and Bill 105.
•EPCA’s Action Plan discussion revolved around what EPCA can do for Parent Committees.
•This involved ideas such as creating a subcommittee within EPCA devoted to special needs, coming up with a universal Governing Board Training and raising awareness about decreasing enrolment within English schools.
•The EPCA directors from each school board will prepare a map of all schools within their respective school boards.