Determine the underlying reasons behind your child’s reluctance towards attending school. 

Children often lack the ability to effectively articulate the difficulties they encounter within the context of school. In contrast, "I hate school!" is a common phrase heard by parents. You can learn more about what's going on and your child's challenges by using this worksheet.
It can be difficult for you as a parent or caregiver when your child turns to you and declares, "I hate school!" or inquires "Do I really have to go?" Their attitudes toward education are rather obvious when this happens. However, the challenging aspect lies in determining the underlying reasons behind your child's emotional state. This four-page worksheet may be utilized as a helpful resource.
Have your child check or circle everything they don’t like about school. Then have them do the same for all the things they do like. 
Afterward, discuss everything your child indicated as a positive and a negative. Examine their emotional experiences and try to understand the reasons behind each of their answers. For instance, "I notice that reading aloud in class is not something you enjoy. Can you tell me more as to why you don't like it?”

Make an effort to make a connection between what they like and what they dislike. For instance, "You say you don't like sitting at your desk, but you enjoy recess. Perhaps we can discuss with your teacher what might be helpful for you in class.” Also, if there are specific aspects that go beyond simple preferences into special needs, there are many resources out there – including Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) – which may be beneficial for your child.

This worksheet isn’t here to solve all your child’s feelings about school. But it’s a great way to start an honest conversation with your child about school and how they approach it and their mental well-being. Depending on what you learn, you may want to connect with your child’s teacher or school resources (including guidance counsellors or administration), too.