CAQ wants to close school boards and replace with administrative centers

Shawn Apel

CBC Daybreak with Shawn Apel Interview

On Friday, September 14, 2018, EPCA’s President, Rhonda Boucher participated on the “Daybreak” CBC Radio show at noon with Shawn Apel, as well as members from the four political parties, the new Director for QESBA, Russell Copeman and the Honourable Marlene Jennings.

The topic of the radio show was focused on the “CAQ” wanting to close School Boards and opening “Administrative Centers”.

Link to the show recording:

Marlene Jennings and Rhonda Boucher were part of the “Election Systems Study Panel” (ESSP). The ESSP was put together to address the benefits of Universal Suffrage, the election of Commissioners and the practices of the English School Boards. Ms. Jennings brought up the Study and told Christopher Skeete, from the CAQ, that he obviously didn’t read the study.

Ms. Boucher promised to post the study on the website. Please take 20 minutes and read the study before you vote. You can send questions and/or comments to