Blog Post – Emailing your Child’s Teacher: What to Say.

What should you say to your child's teacher in an email? Email can be an excellent way to communicate and highlight crucial issues. The most effective emails are usually brief and focused on facts rather than emotions.

Take a look at these two example email to a teacher. You can use it as a template to create your own.

Email Template #1

Dear Ms. / Mr. ____,

Hi, my name is _____________. I am ______________'s parent. I am emailing today because I am concerned with the grade on _____________'s last assignment. If you could please explain more about the assignment and how ______________ earned their grade, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,

Your name __________________

Email Template #2

Dear Ms. / Mr. ____,

I hope all is well. My name is ______________, and I am ____________’s parent, and I am looking forward to the parent teacher meeting that is coming up on_________________. In preparation for the meeting and because I know we do not have much time, I wanted to send you ahead of time the questions I am going to ask you that evening for __________. I know that ___________ is having a hard time and I want to know what you are seeing in class and how I can better support my child at home. These are the following 3 questions I am going to ask during our time together.


Thank you very much and I look forward to our meeting.

Your name _____________________