Applauding Parents On Councils And Service Centre Boards

The English Parents’ Committee Association (EPCA) and the Quebec Federation of Parents’ Committees (FCPQ) congratulate all parent commissioners who have been elected to their English board council positions, and all parent representatives who have been elected to their respective school service centre boards of directors.

“Parents have spoken. Quebec parents have stood and been counted,” says EPCA President Katherine Korakakis.

With elections held across the province, and voted in by their peers, parents have reason to celebrate. “Their voices have never been stronger, more united or more crucial to governance of our school network,” says Korakakis. “Parents who have worked in their schools as volunteers and in leadership roles, will lend their expertise, energies and independent voices honed over years at different levels of governance.”

“Hats off to the parents of students who have decided to take up the challenge of serving on the network’s first boards of directors” says FCPQ President Kévin Roy. “A special thank you to the parents who are taking up the positions of chair and vice-chair of the boards of directors and whose leadership will guide these new bodies. Parents have taken their place and responded present!”

Parent governance is a core value at the heart of Quebec’s education system, and reflected in the elected parent positions on councils, boards, parent committees, special needs advisory committees and more. From governing boards and parent committees to councils, service centres, and in all interactions with the Ministry of Education, parents are looked to for their credible voices at all tables and applauded for their commitment to community.

“Parents with hours and hours of volunteer work accumulated in their schools, as well as parents with wide variety of expertise who are newly engaged in school bodies will work side-by-side with the interests of students at heart,” says Roy, adding that former parent commissioners are bringing their experience to new directors, committee chairs are passing their torch to the next generation and presiding over school service centres, and parents involved in special needs advisory committees are ensuring that these students’ voices are heard.

English Parents’ Committee Association (EPCA)
The English Parents' Committee Association represents eight Quebec English-language school boards and is the official voice of Quebec’s English public school parent community, representing almost 100,000 students.

Quebec Federation of Parents’ Committees (FCPQ)
For more than 45 years, the FCPQ has been bringing together Quebec’s parent committees and supporting parents who are concerned about parental involvement in public primary and secondary schools to ensure the quality of education offered to children.